Feldenkrais, Awareness, Movement

The Auxilliary Files - Feldenkrais lessons

6 original lessons to explore the pillars of the Feldenkrais Method

Intention, attention, imagery & imagination, use of eyes & breath.

Through these 6 original lessons we will explore some very important themes. 

Lesson 1 - Sensing the body as a whole, there is no such thing as local movements.

Lesson 2 - Sensing the added strain from cross-motivation.

Lesson 3 - Intention & action. When do they meet? Where do they differ?

Lesson 4 - Exploring Change. A lesson to cultivate ease of change.

Lesson 5 - Pneumatics & Hydraulics, feeling the breath in the trunk.

Lesson 6 - Where the eyes go, the bodymind follows. Sense the importance of where your eyes are looking 

Language: English


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