Waves of Change Vol​.​3 | Shoulders & Arms

Join the exciting world of Somatics!

Through these 6 audio lessons you will discover how to do Feldenkrais Awareness through movement - the pace, the attention required and how it differs from other movement practices

Experiencing movement, learning to listen to subtle differences will reduce muscle tension and pain - improve coordination and offer a feeling of well being.

The 6 audio lessons in this volume are:

Lesson 13 - Rolling Under the Shoulder Blade
Lesson 14 - Walking the Shoulder Blades
Lesson 15 - Go Hug Yourself
Lesson 16 - Moving the Arms from our Center
Lesson 17 - Moving the Arms from our Center Continued
Lesson 18 - Connecting The Shoulders to the Rolling Fists

*These Lessons are included in the Less Is More Audio Library

Language: english


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