Discover Feldenkrais!

Unlock your body’s movement potential!

We live in continuous movement...
Often unaware of our body, our sensations
and our breath.
Our minds buzzing with imagery and self talk. Relentless.
 "In my classes... I want to offer you the space and time to unfold your potential. And through the practice of body awareness and sensory clarity, help you find a more comfortable and pleasurable way of being."

Feldenkrais Informed Yoga

What is it? Try this free lesson to find out!

About Erifily Nikola

I am a certified Feldenkrais Practitioner (2012) and Kripalu Yoga Teacher (2008) with a passion for both the human body and the human potential

I live  in Athens, Greece. 

I teach Online Feldenkrais lessons in Greek & English.

In my classes I offer people the space and time to unfold themselves.